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A Working Mom's Guide to Balancing it All

When you’re a kid, nothing can compare to the joy you feel as you walk out of the classroom and into your summer vacation. If you’re a working parent, you want your kids to have the best summer possible, filled with family activities and fun in the sun. But how do you balance your career while spending enough time with your family?

We’re sharing some tips from Wendy Lewis, Director of Marketing at TowneBank Mortgage, on how to balance being the go-to at work and at home.

Balancing it all.

The idea of finding a perfect balance between work and home is an overwhelming thought and almost brings me more anxiety than just trucking through my day/week/month/season/year.

Every working Mom is different, and all Moms have different priorities. I think at the end of the day we all are doing our best to provide for our families, teach our children that it’s okay to want to have a family and climb the corporate ladder and there is no reason that you can’t have it all and do it all really well. My goal as a Mom is to teach by example. Here’s how I do it.

Give it your all: When it’s time to give all of my attention to my soccer player or my little cheerleader, they get ALL OF ME! I want my children to know that they are so very important. However, I also want to teach them to understand that other priorities also deserve attention. My husband and I both emphasize that effort and attitude are the key ingredients to personal success; we both share our Peaks and Pits each day with them.

Let them in on what’s happening in your career: My kids know where I work, they know the names of my co-workers, and they regularly ask about them. They can feel when Mommy had an off day at work and cuddles come to my aid. They feel my excitement about my career, and I tell them all of the time their support is why I can do both and do both well!

Do what makes YOU comfortable: In a world where email and text messages are a constant, it’s hard even to consider unplugging. To be honest, not checking my phone regularly on a “day-off” gives me much angst. I don’t want to let anyone down, at home or at work. By “checking-out” I am more distracted than if I just spot checked my messages. Having that feeling of distraction isn’t good for anyone.

Find a company that cares: I think it’s essential to work at a company that appreciates the challenges that a working Mom faces. A supportive work environment allows for Mom’s not to feel the pain of guilt that they may be missing “something.” Finding a position at a place like Towne has allowed me the flexibility not to miss events, to be present at milestones and to enjoy those sweet mother’s day teas and award ceremonies. Having these opportunities and time drives my need to deliver exceptional results in my work performance.

Give yourself a break, you’re doing great: I am a Mom that is driven by career success and by raising great humans. I am fortunate that I have found the right company and the right leadership team that allows and supports me in being the best Mommy and the best employee I can be. To all the Mom’s out there, you are doing a great job! If you are ever in doubt look in the eye of your little ones! They are enamored by you! Keep loving them, teaching them and showing them!

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