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TowneBank Mortgage, a division of TowneBank, values you as a member and recognizes the importance of protecting your financial information. We are committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of your financial information.

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Conventional Loan Product

Up to 97% financing of your loanStable rate and principle paymentsEasy-to-understand loan termsCompetitive interest rates15 or 30 year terms

FHA Loan Product

As little as 3.5% down paymentLess than perfect credit can applyGuaranteed by the Federal Housing AuthoritySeller can pay borrower closing costsFixed rate and ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) options. Payment may increase after consummation.

Loan Process Do's and Dont's Page

DOContinue making mortgage or rent paymentsStay current on all existing accountsContinue working at current employerKeep the same insurance companyContinue living at current residenceContinue to use credit as normalCall your loan officer if you have ...

VA Loan Loan Product

Available to active and retired militaryUp to 100% financing availableNo private mortgage insuranceReasonable credit qualificationsNo early payoff penalties

About Us About Us

Inspired by our hometown roots, we’re committed to providing our borrowers with a personalized mortgage experience. From pre-qualification to the closing table, our loan officers are dedicated to ensuring that you’re comfortable and confi...

USDA Loan Product

Up to 100% financing availableFor moderate-income familiesFlexible credit guidelinesSeller can pay borrower closing costs

Jumbo Loan Product

Loan amounts exceeding the conventional limitsPrivate mortgage insurance not always requiredAs little as 10% downFinancing available for primary and secondary residences

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Address: 3 Commercial Place, Suite 1200, Norfolk, VA 23510Telephone:(888) 637-1321 TowneBank Mortgage is committed to providing excellent member service to all people regardless of ability. We want members and visitors to navigate, use, and interac...

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When you join our team, take pride in knowing that your work positively impacts others. We offer a space where self-starters, problem solvers and entrepreneurial spirits excel. Competitive benefitsResources needed to succeedAdvanced technologyIn...

Home Improvement Projects That Are Worth the Money Article

Not only will home improvement projects improve your quality of life, but if done correctly, they can actually help to add considerable value to your home.    For example, if your kitchen that has appliances and cabinets from the 80&rsqu...

Building Equity with Home Renovations Article

What’s on your to-do list this summer? If you have a home improvement project in the works, it could actually pay off in the long run.  For example, if your kitchen has appliances and cabinets from the 1980s, you could find that your home...

VA Home Loans Page

A Veterans Affair (VA) Loan is a home loan designed to help finance homes for Veterans, eligible members of the military, and some surviving spouses. Backed by the government, the VA Loan offers flexible lending guidelines for military members, veter...

Tasting Wine & Loan Design Article

Tasting Wine & Loan DesignA good wine has a smooth finish just like closing your loan with a local lender. Other similarities? Taste in wine is unique to each individual, just like your loan. No two customers are the same, just like no two vintag...

Your Ultimate Guide to Mortgage Terms Article

Your Ultimate Guide to Mortgage TermsAre you thinking about buying a home? We understand that when it comes to the mortgage process education is key. We work hard to provide each of our clients the knowledge and education they need to help guide them...

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Towne Talk All CategoriesHome & LifestyleHelpful tips to enhance your home and improve your lifestyle.CareersLearn more about career options and benefits available to you at Towne Mortgage.MortgageHelpful tips and information on credit, interest ...

Build Loan Product

Available for primary or secondary residencesJumbo financing availableInterest Only options available during constructionAs little as 5% down on primary residencesFlexible contractor options

TowneBank Celebrates 20 Years of Local Lending Article

TowneBank Celebrates 20 Years of Local Lending TowneBank turns 20! That’s right—It’s been two decades since TowneBank first opened its doors to the public in 1999.We’re so thankful for your support throughout the past 20 years and we would not be her...

Graduating with a 5 Year Plan Article

Graduating with a 5 Year PlanAre you a college graduate living with your parents still? You’re not alone. But it’s nothing to be ashamed about—moving back home can be a great opportunity to find a job and start saving up money ...