Summer Networking, Take it Outdoors!

Summer Networking, Take it Outdoors!

Summer Networking, Take it Outdoors!

As a member of the real estate industry, networking is the lifeblood of your pipeline. This summer, add a little fun and take your networking outside. Just say the word SUMMER and people start smiling! It is the perfect time to amp up your networking with ball games, concerts, happy hours and festivals, whether you are sponsoring or attending, there is value. But, it's not enough to just attend the events. You need to get out there and meet new people, and it’s the perfect time for that. 

Jump in… the waters fine
Volunteer! With charity events, oyster roasts and barbeque abound, it’s the fundraising season.  Jump in and volunteer, help with an event that you are interested in. People love working with people with skin in the game. Build relationships with folks who are involved. Mortgage Loan Officer Matt Frano recently participated in a Dance-a-thon at the Mambo Room to support Alzheimer and Dementia research. By the way, he posted it on Facebook Live.

Reach Out
Host your own summer networking happy hour event at a great outdoor venue. Don’t forget to add your educational element, or you could have a cosponsor that offers an educational angle.  How about an appraiser who offers great info on how they determine value? Think outside the box and try to do something new and interesting.  

The All-American Past Time
Nothing says summer like a ball game. Invite a new contact to a game. If they are a true fan, don’t just think big league, how about a college game or a tournament at the local ball field, you will be amazed at who you will see there. 

Ready Set Grow those Referrals
Customer Appreciation Events can be a great way to strengthen your network and grow referrals. Schedule an event at a new restaurant in town. It’s fun to be “in the know” on the new hot spots. Just remember to “just be you and as genuine as possible,” says Chris Fountain Mortgage Loan Officer. “Keep it light and try to build chemistry.”

Even Though Schools Out, the Standard Rules Apply
Don’t dominate the conversation this is the time to ask questions and listen! “You have to have empathy and to care for those around you. Customers can tell if you just want to make the sale. I have won plenty of clients trust by not being a fast talker, spending time listening to them, their need and goals, then and only then am I able to offer them several options to reach their goal,” says Mortgage Loan Officer Paul Venable. Always be prepared, make sure to bring your business cards.

Don't forget to reach out via LinkedIn and connect with all the people you meet! Be Positive and have fun, after all, it’s the SUMMER!

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